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Mint is delighted to be the first salon in the south to offer this treatment!

Garra Rufa fish originally come from the warm waters of Kangal, Turkey. For hundreds of years local people have used the Garra Rufa fish for the treatment of a numerous varieties of skin disorders, like psoriasis, eczema, hard skin and acne.


Around 1960, foreign tourists discovered the Garra Rufa waters and today these waters are visited by numerous people from all over to world to help them with their skin disorders. More recently, the Garra Rufa were used in health and beauty salons as a cosmetic skin peeling and amusement attraction.



A Mint Fish Pedicure or Manicure is €39.95


How does the Garra Rufa fish do it?

Garra Rufa fish gently suck the dead skin of from the outer layer of the body but leave the soft under layer skin untouched. During the removal of the dead skin, the fish produce an enzyme that has a vitalizing effect on the new skin to assist in it’s growth. The new skin feels softer and healthier than before.


Dangerous varieties

Here at mint we use Garra Rufa fish which are the original fish used for these purposes. Under the name “doctor fish” many imitations and cross breedings have been put up the market. A good example is the Asian Chin-Chin fish. This type of fish also eats dead skin but uses it’s teeth to tear off the dead and the new skin, resulting in bleeding wounds.


Natural skin peeling

The treatment using Garra Rufa fish as a cosmetic peeling is unique. This original and very natural pedicure has proven to be a great success in many countries. Mint now makes it possible for you have this treatment locally.

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